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Admission to Waterfront

Counties served by Drug MediCal in Northern California

Humboldt, Mendocino, Solano, Shasta,

Lasen, Siskiyou, Modoc

Admission Process

The first step for admission to Waterfront Recovery Services is to call (707) 269-9590 ext. 202, 203 or 243

Or fill out the online form on our Contact page.

Everyone applying for admission to Withdrawal Management Services or our Residential Treatment Program will be screened by admission staff to determine eligibility based on substance abuse history, medical and mental health history and evaluated by our medical providers. Significant medical or mental health histories will require a release of information to access records.

Severe medical or mental health problems that require a higher level of care than WRS can provide will be declined.

For Dual Diagnoses applicants, Substance Use Disorder (SUD) needs to be the primary diagnosis and problem with Mental Health Disorder secondary. We are NOT a mental health facility.


We do not accept patients with significant need for nursing care. All patients/clients should be able to attend to their Activities of Daily Living (ADL) and be able to engage and benefit from treatment.

We follow COVID 19 protocols which necessitate a negative test prior to admission for those whor are not vaccinated. Vaccinated people can be admitted right away. Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be tested on admission and quarantined until negative test is returned. We have a protocol in place for those who test positive.

For any other questions, please call the numbers above.

Download Referral Form

Agency Referral Procedure

Waterfront Recovery Services was designed to provide dual diagnosis SUD treatment services, both medically managed withdrawal and longer term residential. For the program to operate within our scope of service as an SUD program  and medical necessity criteria to be met, there are basic points that need to be understood by prospective patients/residents and those referring prospective patients/residents to our program:

Substance Use Disorder (not mental health) must be the primary problem at the time of screening assessment and at the time of admission.

Active, uncontrolled mental health illness will preclude admission to withdrawal management and/or residential treatment

It is imperative that the referring physician, clinician, case manager, etc. and  patient/resident understand that withholding important information regarding  mental health problems may be a cause of non acceptance or discharge from the program.  The patient will need to agree and sign that he/she agrees to this.

Those referring and/or transporting prospective patients/residents to our facility who have provided information and have met the initial screening criteria must stay at the facility until the patient/resident has completed the admission process. If the Medical Director or Nurse Practitioner determine that the information provided is not consistent with how the prospective patient/resident presents, the individual will not be admitted and will need to be transported back to the County of origin.

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