Agency Referral Procedure

We hope the following information regarding our assessment/admission processes helps facilitate inter-agency referral to Waterfront Recovery Services.

The following parameters ensure our patients/clients receive the best possible medical, mental health and substance use disorder treatment.

    •    First and foremost, we will need to talk to the patient/client who is seeking admission prior to starting the evaluation process. While we understand referring agencies are instrumental in motivating people to seek treatment, it is very important our admissions staff conduct an initial assessment with the patient/client only.

    •    We will need the patient/client’s medical and/or mental health records before we can process any referrals.

This is usually the reason for the delay of admission. Without the appropriate records, we are not able to determine medical necessity for admission. Substance Use Disorder alone does not guarantee admission to residential withdrawal management or residential treatment. Similarly, the presence of mental health and/or medical problems does necessarily exclude a patient/client from being admitted. However, we have legal limitations regarding accepting patients who may require a lower or higher level of care.

    •    We will need a signed agreement that if the prospective patient/client is not a current Humboldt County resident that the patient/client will be accepted back to the county of origin. Discharge planning is an invaluable aspect of SUD treatment. WRS needs to guarantee that the patients/clients we treat have proper transportation and a safe environment to return to upon discharge from our services.


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