Food for the Soul

Our kitchen Is an Integral part of the therapeutic offerings at Waterfront Recovery Services. Staff take pride in providing delicious and nutritious meals for residents daily but beyond that, kitchen manager Jesse Pearson has initiated special events for all of the holidays. “We want to show residents healthy ways for celebrations, and that they can still have fun without drugs or alcohol." Jessica Pearson cooks up special treats and brings in decorations to make holidays festive: homemade mole and a piñata for Cinco de Mayo, a special brunch including chocolate dipped strawberries on Mother’s Day, barbecue, cupcakes and fireworks for Fourth of July are examples of some of the fun things that make residents feel like they're part of community.

Easter at Serenity

Thanksgiving at Serenity

4th of July

Mothers Day

Our Garden

Christmas at Waterfrtont

We Manage the Serenity Inn for Community Members in Need

Alcohol Drug Care Services takes an active role in making life easier for residents of the Serenity Inn with workshops in living skills, collaborating with service providers to do site visits, and our efforts to create a safe space for families. Holiday festivities are a  special part of life here. Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition. WRS Director John McManus makes serving Serenity residents part of his holiday every year.

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