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Our Mission

To heal and empower any person with substance abuse disorder in a safe, nurturing environment to assist them in becoming a respected, responsible, productive member of the community.

About Us

Co-founders John McManus

Medical Director Ruby Bayan, MD

In 2015, John McManus and Ruby Bayan, MD, an adult, child and addiction psychiatrist  shared a common vision to provide the best care needed for those suffering from addiction in our community.  With more than 50 years of experience between them in this field, they collaborated with other community stakeholders to bring their vision to life.
Waterfront Recovery Services is the first detox program in Humboldt County certified by the State of California Department of Health Care Services to provide Incidental Medical Services.


Congressman Jerad Huffman tours Waterfront with aide John Driscoll, John McManus and Dr. Bayan. (right).

Co-founder John McManus and Medical Director Dr. Ruby Bayan meeting with political leaders and community partners. (below)

Addressing the Needs of a Community in Crisis

Addiction Studies - Wellness Practices - Life Skills

Employment Opportunities - Transition Support

Waterfront Administrative Staff


Jeremy Campbell

Executive Director


Jackie Coghill

Nurse Practitioner

Jamaica Bartz

Jamaica Bartz

Chief Operations Officer

Stacy entry.JPG

Stacy Smith

Director of Admissions


My counselor couldn’t have done a better job. He always had time for me and gave me excellent care. I was given the same from detox staff all the way to the good food of the kitchen staff. Thank you!

Alcohol Drug Care Services opened Waterfront Recovery Services in the fall of 2017 to provide medically supervised detox and addiction therapy. Our staff of medical professionals and counselors specializing in addiction issues work continuously to develop compassionate and effective programs for residents in an effort to treat the whole person.


Detox Counselors at Waterfront case manage for individual SUD (Substance Use Disorder) recovery and general health care. WRS also provides services for dual diagnosis clients with secondary mental health issues. 


Extra curricular exercise programs, yoga, art workshops, and a variety of spiritual practices scheduled on site bring inspiration and vitality to the process of putting lives back together.

Resumes, job interview skills, cooking classes, budgeting are some of the offerings our transitional housing staff make available.

Michele Shively

Staff Spotlight - SUD Counselor Michele Shively

Michele Shively

MShively entrance 2.heic
MShively tats.jpg

Shively explains that the education process is very different from actually doing the work but it helped her understand why she knew she needed to stay in Humboldt. “I needed to learn to be on my own, not around my kids, and grow up and handle life without being on a substance and without a husband. This job helped shape that for me.” Shively shares the difficulty she had when her boys became adults. “I didn’t understand how to let go of my children and that that part of my life was over. All I had ever wanted to be when I was a little girl was a momma. I lost my mom when I was ten years old.”

“My co-workers are probably my biggest supporters. They support me, I support them.   We talk to each other. I can come in there when I’m frustrated and they swoop in  . . . and the other thing is the residents here, they love you too. They know that we are here for them. We work here because we love the job and we love them. And they realize that. That’s so rewarding.”

The challenge is helping each individual, all with a wide range of experiences. She references her training in facilitating self discovery with clients. “We’re taught motivational interviewing and . . . they crack their own shell. I just try to help them.”

Shively checks in at the women’s house and remains close to the clients who have gone there to continue their recovery. “I believe that’s the best opportunity. You’re still kind of underneath an umbrella that’s the next phase.” She talks about the importance of transitional housing so that people have a place to go or don’t have to go back to triggering environments. “We have alumni who can come back here on Sundays for Red Road and the music group.

Professional ethics prevent Shively from contacting clients directly when they leave the program but there are multiple ways to stay connected she says, “This is a small community . . . “ Again, she talks about the rewards in seeing people out in the community doing well, with jobs, driving, living their lives, noting that people who went through the  program together often remain friends when they leave and continue to support each other.

“I had to discover who I was at this age and I had to find my self confidence. I had to learn to love myself. It’s amazing how we are counselors to these people and we help them through things but every bit of the material, everything we talk about in groups comes right back and helps me also. I’ve learned so much. I’ve learned about my maladaptive coping skills.” She traces the roots of this to losing her mom at 10 and not understanding what was happening. She was never encouraged to discuss her feelings.  As a result, she sees now that she had no coping skills. “I’ve learned so much about life in the last six years. When it’s a stressful day, I’ve learned that I can go to the beach, I can go outside barefoot and ground myself in the earth. I have more tools now,” she smiles. “I am so grateful to have this job. I am so content with my life right now.”

Photos: TOP - Michele Shively, happy, healthy and helping others. CENTER - Shively with her constant companion. BELOW - Shively explains the symbolic meanings of her various tattoos.

John McManus 1964 - 2022

indebted to this tenacious and compassionate man.

Family, friends and community collaborators came together at his memorial to celebrate the life of this powerhouse that ended too soon due to ALS. Speakers shared stories about McManus as loving father, smart, compassionate advocate, amazing musician and most of all, hilarious friend. Laughter marked most interactions with him and this occasion was no different. There was a general sense of appreciation that we had this wonderful man in our lives.

John McManus.jpg

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Alcohol Drug Care Services’ Executive Director and Waterfront co-founder John McManus. He was a fearless, street-smart visionary who insisted on raising the bar for care in our community. McManus walked the walk and showed others the way. We will forever be

Community Steps Up To Honor
John McManus and Support WRS
Sunday June 5th. Click here for info.

Medical Director Dr. Ruby Bayan on Community Voices

Waterfront Recovery Services provides a medical model for Substance Use Disorder designed by Dr. Bayan and Co-founder John McManus.


. . . really pulled through for me in detox going above and beyond, helping me through a very tough time. I should be getting my daughter back very soon. Thank you so much.


Thank you Waterfront staff! I love you all and appreciate your care and encouragement. You have given me a good starting board for my recovery journey; I will miss all of you.

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