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Medically Managed Detox Program

Waterfront Recovery Services is the first detox program certified by the State of California Department of Health Care Services to provide medically assisted treatment for drug and alcohol withdrawal.
Includes withdrawal treatment for alcohol, opiates, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine and combinations substances. We use the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) criteria and dimensions of care to develop an individualized treatment plan. Our evidence based programs include the Matrix System.

Residential Treatment Program

We provide residential treatment for men and women to help understand addiction, learn healthy coping skills and to prepare them for return to the community.

Treating Addiction by Treating the Whole Person

We Accept Private Insurance & MediCal

Family & Group Counseling

Evidence Based Matrix Treatment

Trauma Informed Group

Family Recovery Group

Transitional Case Management

Child Welfare Services (CWS)

Waterfront Recovery Services medical professionals and staff work as a team to treat those suffering from Substance Use Disorder with respect and compassion.

We address not only the physical challenges but the social and intellectual needs of our residents working to put their lives back together including support as they transition to healthy and productive lives in the community. 

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We Have an Amazing Staff at Waterfront Recovery Services

The work can be extremely challenging but day after day, they show up to support, encourage and help facilitate the change needed to maintain a healthy recovery. Our staff are the soul of the organization and we have deep appreciation for who they are and their dedication to making Waterfront Recovery what it is today.

Joel Grosh, SUD Counselor

Staff Spotlight

Joel  entry.jpg

Joel Grosh
SUD Counselor

Previous Staff Spotlights

Admissions Director Jamaica Bartz

Nurse Practitioner Jackie Coghill

Intake Coordinator Stacy Smith

Estelle Mitchell-Case Management

Intake Coordinator-Kasee Duncan

Joel Grosh a Substance Use Disorder counselor came to be a part of the Waterfront team on a different path than many of his coworkers. Grosh himself does not have a history of SUD. “It's strange, it almost always felt like a calling. So my history with it is my dad was an addict, which I didn't really know growing up because he kind of kept it hidden. He was semi functional, worked most of the time and mostly had housing and was on painkillers. He had chronic back pain. So it was like one of those gray areas where I didn't really know growing up that he had a problem. But even before I knew about his problem, I just had an interest. I remember having these conversations with my dad at a young age, like, why are these guys homeless? He'd talk about mental health or their addiction issues. And I remember doing a book report on alcoholism when I was like, in fifth grade and going to a DARE camp, which is for youth prevention. And then my dad overdosed on methadone when I was 15 and died.”

As Grosh matured and started putting the pieces together, he understood that his father wasn’t a bad person. He was someone struggling with pain and isolation because of the shame and stigma attached to his dependency on pain medication. Grosh realized that there weren’t a lot of resources but there was a lot of misinformation around SUD.

Humboldt has many organization working to provide resoures and services that make our community stronger.

Links to Community Events & Resources


Waterfront Recovery Services partners with Unshame California,

a campaign working to reduce stigma around substance use disorder in California.

Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives
1st Saturdays at the Labor Temple,

840 E St. Eureka 11:30-2

Lunch provided

Our lobby is dedicated to co-founder John McManus. Thanks for your help, Piersons Building Center!
JM Center.png

Waterfront Recovery Services 2020 Overview

John McManus, WRS cofounder, talks about the vision for a higher standard of care and early community collaboration.

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